Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a time to start a blog..

WOW! Here it is 1:21 am an I'm still on here attempting to set this blog up! Is there anyone else out there attempting this as well and feeling a little loopy at the process? Hmmmm, perhaps not, perhaps its just me an my lack of computer savvy, but I'm getting by - slowly.

I've viewed others' blogs for several years, always enjoying what they had to show and tell, like a free movie or finding a great series of books to read everyday. The entertainment value they have given me is priceless as well as the new crafting knowledge I have learned. I've held off starting my own blog for various reasons, many I'm sure others have had or still have: time, wondering if you'll have anything worth wild to say, time, dedication, time, time, you know how it is. My pal, Hilda who I've known for 14 years now by way of originally being penpals, has been pushing me towards this and I finally took the plunge. On a night it was QUIET in my household with NO ONE to bother me and no worries of lack of time due to other obligations. So here I sit, writing to YOU, whoever you maybe, that I maybe fortunate enough to get to know you.
As you can see by my title, Scrapbooks and Journals, those are what I enjoy doing the most in my creative and spare time. So much in fact that I now sell them on Etsy.
As for the Journals part, those are actually journal letters that I write to Hilda. Yes, we fill journals to send to one another, not just one at a time, but generally 3 - 5 (what can I say, I, well, WE - LOVE to write). So, you can see that being a blogger was bound to happen to me.
Hope everyone has a great evening, I'm about ready to fall out of my chair, so good night and talk to you later today.


Hilda said...

So glad that you took the plunge and started your own blog!! Congratulations!! The blog looks good and I enjoyed reading your post.
Good luck with it,

Robyn said...

Thanks sweetie for being the first to leave me a comment, I can ALWAYS count on your support!!!

Little Pink Studio said...

Welcome to blog world! I think you will find that it will really enrich your life.
Thanks for always visiting me, I hope to check in with you often!
~Cerri xo

Beverly said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge. I feel certain you will love having a blog, and yes, you will have even less free time now. ;-)


Posh Little said...

Found your Halloween chip board album on Etsy and featured it in our "Handmade Halloween" Halloween
2008 guide! You can check it out here and
congrats! Oh, feel free to follow up with a comment with any additional info.

Karen Gadawski