Monday, November 24, 2008

Cookies, cookies, movie and last year's memories

Yesterday I promised Kerri we would make MORE cookies -
she LOVES to mix and bake!
So we started off with the Clementine recipe from the
December Ladies Home Journal issue.
We had never tried these before, but they sounded "refreshing"
so Kerri and I made the attempt.
Here you can see she is piping the merangue mix - which then had to sit
at room temp for an hour before going into the oven.
The first tray to come out of the oven - browned just right.

and the final result, Clementines! T
hey are sandwiched with the buttered/sugar cream center.
Fortunately the kids' god-father had stopped by so he was
the official guinew-pig, um..."taster" ha, ha.
So much in fact he asked that I make a big batch for him to take
to the RCIA class he teaches on Tuesday for their Christmas party!

That batch wasn't enough for Kerri, while she enjoyed piping she wanted to "cut out" cookies and decorate. So it was onto the sugar cookie recipe AGAIN - remember last weekend's post?

This time I have her decorated creations to share!

In between the baking and mess clean-up we sat down to watch one of our all-time
favorite Christmas movies: Christmas Vacation.
As always, it was a fun and enjoyable movie to watch!

I was looking thru my scrapbook albums last night and
came across this layout from last year.
This is something Kerri and I did last year at this time and it
was the last time we would do it as well.
Her grandma saw the ad for an American Girl Mystery Train Ride on
the historic Loveland Railroad. Tickets were $40.00 a piece.
DH thought it was a fun idea and signed Kerri and me up for it! His mom and
him were going to take us up there but during our 2 hour "adventure"
they were going to go antiquing!It was about 20 degrees that day and while we dressed
warmly for the OLD, NO HEAT train-ride, we didn't even thing to bring a blanket!!
While it was fun to be with my little girl and her favorite doll - Nikki - and see the other little girls with their dolls the train ride was LESS than enjoyable with no decent scenery!
After the ride American Girl Kit Kittridge was raffled off to ONE lucky girl - a grandma won her with 2 grand-daughters. You should have seen the faces on the rest of the girls who did not win!
That was far worse than us freezing on the train ride!
We then had a teaparty at the historical post office -
you can see the glass and gold cover boxes behind Kerri in one of the pics.
Afterwards we did a little antiquing and then headed home.
On the way, Kerri said it was something different to do and she was glad we did but she didn't think she'd want to do it again. Perhaps if it was warmer...

Today its about 36 degrees and raining - the kind of day to stay indoors and watch a movie or play on the computer and blog or work on crafts. I plan to do all the above before I have to do some cleaning for thursday and our Thanksgiving feast.
Have a great week!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey Hey - Its Pink Saturday

Here's to another Pink Saturday! Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting this every Saturday and to all the ladies who participate!
Ok - I've come to realize that with a blog titled scrapbooks and journals I should definitely be showing far more pages than I have - pretty lame. So, in honor of Pink Saturday here are three layouts I did a few years ago.
This one of is of Kerri at our annual elementary school family picnic at Stricker's Grove amusement park - she is just like her mommy - LOVES cotton candy!!!
Another one of Kerri - everyone one who sees this photo thinks she has angel wings on her back. Nope, just a big bow on her dress. I was so thankful to have gotten this photo - lets just say she was less than enthusiastic to have her photo taken by the very strange looking woman at Olan Mills. When I finally got her to look at me and she was leaning forward I told the woman to click the photo and she said, "But this is one of our poses." HELLO!!! Take the darn pic now - she looks adorable and it was the ONLY decent shot after half an hour!!!

A few shades of pink here - my two beautiful girls - baby Kerri and big sis Morgan - "sharing" a cookie. I just love this shot!

Thanks for taking a look, hope your weekend is great!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yippeee - Another PINK SATURDAY!

It feels so good to be a part of another PINK SATURDAY!
This adorable gift "box" I found last summer at a yard sale for ONLY .25 !!!
Believe me, I've had to "fight" Kerri for it - if it goes missing from my craft area I KNOW I'll find it on her dresser!!!
Sory, I took a rather lousey photo of this sweet little bracelet - tiny pink rhinestones are in the middle of each one of the gold "flowers" along with the pink beads and deep rose tone beads. This bracelet was originally Morgan's - she's 18 - last year she passed it down to Kerri who is 7. (I had given it to Morgan when she was 12.)

OK - I saw this in the newspaper, an ad for this super cute figurine, and just couldn't pass up sharing it with everyone!!

Wanted to "show-off" the family-project Kerri's teacher send home for us to do. He was just an enlarged coloring book figure that we had to decorate to hang on the wall at school. Kerri an I had fun creating him. KERRI sewed the mouth onto the muslin I gave her and glued on the eyes and colored in the cheeks. She also colored in the pants, tied the string around his neck, set the orange "button" brads, colored the shoes, tied them, added the patch to his knee with the safety pin and added the pumpkins herself. I took care of forming the fabric to his hat as well as the plaid fabric for the shirt and stuffing the straw. This is a nice keepsake that Kerri and I did together and we have another one at school now - a Indian Girl which is up for Thanksgiving!

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...we made SUGAR COOKIES from scratch!They were so yummy!!

Sorry, didn't get the pics AFTER he was decorated - but he sure did taste GOOD!!

An I've been a busy elf, sorting, wrapping Christmas gifts!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys their PINK SATURDAY!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Its that time, to do a little collection sharing. I just chose 4 of mine.
The first is a collection of flat replica houses - or shelf huggers. The far right shows the pink house from Battery Lane in South Carolina that I was thinking of sharing yesterday for pink saturday. All the houses and trees are replicas from South Carolina with the exception of the low and long building in the front. That is Oakdale Elementary here in Bridgetown where all of my 4 kids have attended. My kids god-father started giving me one of these for each Christmas after we had spend our summer vacation down on Kiawah Island, S.C. I should have told my daughter Morgan to get me another one when she went down there for her
Senior trip last summer as we did not vacation there.
They sit up high in the dinning room on top of our hanging antique corner shelf.
Small collection that has not been added to since the 90's as the cvintage compacts I kept choosing were TOO EXPENSIVE for me to NOT feel GUILTY about buying. The two on the left I bought and the other two were gifts from friends.
I have to say my favorite is the top one on the right, with the blue and rose disc, because...

Its very unique with the metal mesh that droops underneath - has an animal skin lining where the powder rests.
All four compacts have the original powder puff, some powder and their
mirrors intact.

Small bottle/vase collection. I like them old and with a unique shape.

Another shot of them...the tall one on the right is an antique baby bottle. Next to it on the left is unique - it is a triangular shape! Love the color of the cranberry glass, I had a lovely cobalt blue one but unfortunately I was a "butterfingers" one day a couple of months ago while cleaning it and - CRASH!!!

I also collect small pitchers/creamers and most of these have been gifts from DH - the pirate one of course - the kids' god-father and my mother-in-law.

These three are my favorites though - I found the one at a tiny antique store and was NOT about to pass it up, I mean would you if it had YOUR last name on it?!! The tiny littel white one is just so cute and the lovely cottage inspired one was a Christmas gift from the kids' god-father. Most of these do get used.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at a few of my collections. I was going to share my charm bracelet collection, but I'm kinda hoping the ladies will pick that as a show and tell theme soon. Have a lovely Sunday! Once again we have a beautiful day shaping up here!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hope everyone survived Halloween - after Kerri had the 24 hour stomach virus on Thursday - which put her DOWN like the flu, was worried she wouldn't make Halloween night, but yesterday morning she was FINE, couldn't even tell she had been so sick!
Ok, Kerri collects music boxes and this sweet pink piano was given to her a year ago by my step-mom, this little think is HEAVY!
I am so happy that my pretty pink impatients are STILL blooming!!!
We were down to the 30's most of this past week and they are still going strong!

Oops! Moved the camera - sorry!

I did have one more item to show, but its part of a collection so I'm saving it for the Show and Tell SHOW YOUR COLLECTIONS tomorrow!

Have a terrific PINK SATURDAY! I'm off with my step-mom and Kerri to the first Xmas Craft Show of the season, yippeee!!!