Friday, July 20, 2012

Amazing Display For Pink Saturday

This past week we took a spontaneous trip to New York an along the way we went through, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.  In Baltimore, Maryland we stopped at the Baltimore National Aquarium and came across this amazing display towards the JellyFish area:

Look at all those shades of PINK!!!

An, another piece of art my oldest daughter, Morgan recently created:

I wanted to keep it, but then again, I want to keep the majority of what she creates.  This however, she is selling in our Etsy shop.

Hope everyone has a FUN PINK SATURDAY and you enjoy all the links at

Our last night, before heading home, we are spending it in Pennsylvania, so good night and enjoy the PINKS!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello an welcome to another post for PINK SATURDAY, so happy that you stopped by an I am eager to share some of the pages from a new SMASH BOOK  that I made over the past two days.    I'm very pleased with how the entire journal came out and especially with the copies I made onto vintage dictionary pages of my daughter, Morgan's sketches.  I asked her to draw me her version of Alice in Wonderland, and she sketched the scene above!  ONe flower with curling lashes and the other showing its "disgust" of Alice.

The page on the right is a very thin side "pocket" that I attached the butterfly wing to.  It extends the pocket's hold on items behind it, with the help of the paper clip.  I also created the butterfly tag using the negative of stickers and DITTO ink spray.

This page I glued all the tiny butterflies to the edge - they hang over for a nice border, then added the black washi tape as well to make their color "pop".

Some Tim Holtz grungeboard letters used as a mask and more DITTO ink spray was all it took to transform this originally plain page. 

Another one of Morgan's original sketches that I copied onto a vintage dictionary page.  I really love the look of this and will be doing it more for the next smash books I create.

The left side is simply a copy of a chipboard piece which I half glued in to create a "tuck-in" for the journaling papers.  On the right, although its a little hard to see is a pocket page made out of a much larger plastic page protector.  I secured the sides I had to cut to make it fit with glue and Tim Holtz tissue tape.  Behind it is another page, just a piece of scrapbook paper with multiple designs, perfect for more journaling along with whatever you want to "smash" onto the page.

Large journaling tages which I taped at the top for flip up use, an a piece of decorative paper which is actually recycled from an old calendar, an a mini tag attached with colored paper clip.

Here is another example of a thin side pocket then I added the butterfly/moth to the bottom for more "holding" spot, an added the stamped tags.  On the right I stamped the bird cage, put down some strips of washi tape then hit it with the DITTO ink spray and pulled the tape up to create a one of a kind journaling page.

And this is a rubber stamped image I cut out and turned into a "tuck-in" spot.  I purposely left the image uncolored for the recipient to personalize it.  A quote is added at the top along with some journaling spot tags.  The right just a piece of scrapbook paper.
The journal has 26 pieces of paper for 52 sides of SMASHING on an it comes with more paper and a bag filled with smashing bits and pieces.  I am selling this in my Etsy shop an hope to list more homemade Smash Books this coming week.  Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you find other inspiring blogs at and please stop back soon.  Have a fun weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012


You woulnd't know it looking at this photo on the Ohio River that its 101 degrees and about 107 with the humidity factored in! 9th day in a row of temps well over 98 degrees, this is out of the norm for Cincinnati!!!
Makes it hard for my brain to be creative, especially when I'm longing to work on a scrapbook page and some art journal pages!

Since I've not created this week, I decided to pull out a mini accordian album I did a while back - actually never completed it, bad me! It is just a random compilation of photos of my 2 daughters together over the years.  The great thing - the color scheme is PINK and green, ha ha!!

I kept this album simple by using paper scraps and various flowers, jewels, etc. from my stash.  Put just a little on each page to make them unique.  The "she loves to..." card I had Morgan and Kerri each write on.  I should ask them what their preferences would be now!
This is the cover, as you can see I have yet to add a photo on there or possibly more embellishements or a poem about sisters, can't decide.  The clear plastic tags on the flower read:  you  me

The left side is a photo from Morgan's high school graduation - afterwards - the right side I've yet to put a photo there, oops, looks like a rhinestone has fallen off, probably due to this heat!!!  I made it so a page or whatever will slide under the paper strap.

Well, looks like these are the only photos I will be able to share of the accordian album since I've been trying for a couple of hours to load pictures from my new iPhone to the computer and for some reason the photos continue to come out turned sideways.  Even after I edit them they are sideways when I try to load them to my blog; all except for these that are shown here. UGH - no idea what the problem is, I've only had this phone for a week and still learning with it.

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