Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random things...

Isn't this little pumpkin cute?!
Kerri, my 7 year old was so excited to find it growing down in our back yard!
Its from the pumpkin seeds we threw down there after last Halloween; unfortunatlely this little pumpkin, although cute, isn't nearly as big as the original pumpkin he's from. Doesn't matter though, Kerri is just so excited to have her own little pumpkin patch this fall!!!
I just HAD to share this:
I LOVE this photo of Kerri from our favorite pumpkin patch, Brown's Farm.
She was only about a year and a half here but loved breing among the pumpkins.
She's 7 now and still loves going out to look for and pick her Halloween pumpkin!

Kerri's god-father found this vintage metal dog bell at a local antique
shop for her playhouse. She has always loved the house bell he has at his back door,
so when he saw this, he knew it was meant for her!

No one else was home tonight except for Kerri and me, so she asked if
we could get pizza. Sounded good to me since I wasn't in the mood to cook! It also helps that my son works there and we get a family discount!! So,
here's to our pepperoni pizza and cheesy crazy bread - yummy!

It was a bit of a crazy day an I didn't get a chance to work on any of my s
crapbooks or tags or journals unfortunately! Honestly, tomorrow doesn't
look very promising either. My hats off to you ladies who have the
ability to work on your "goodies" each day!!

I was able to get to one of our antique stores and found a MIB
pink vintage Christmas decoration for the swap I'm in!!! Going to keep my
fingers crossed that I will be able to go to the last Burlington Fairgrounds
Antique Fair on Oct. 19th of the year. They will set up again in April 2009.
DH an I went to the one last month and found a vintage baseball glove for our
son Kyle's baseball memorabilia collection and a wooden Wells Fargo lockbox
- my hubby zeroed in on it immediately, said that our friend would love it, so that's
his Christmas gift.

Time to get Kerri to bed then I'm settling down to watch a little tv.
First I think I'll go make a nice cup of coffee to go with a few Mint Milano cookies.


Hilda said...

HI!! Love the antique dog bell. You really should show the entire front of the playhouse. It's very impressive, and I think that your readers would be interested in seeing it. And to know who made it.
Your best bud!

roseylittlethings said...

I am so going to throw some seeds in my yard this year:) We really wanted to grow pumpkins, we put it off for too long and then it was too late:)