Sunday, October 5, 2008

My first Sunday and new family addition

So excited to post again!!!

After getting to bed after 3am, laid there thinking about stuff I wanted to share and pics to post. I've longed to join in on the fun of Show and Tell Sunday, but too late to officially sign up over at Cindy's and unfortunately I'm not a collector of vintage aprons but I'm looking forward to what the next theme will be!

Ok - in honor of me finally creating my own blog and to say thank you to any of you who have found your way over here and taken a look - I'm giving away a few goodies: a few tags and double pocket I created and a little mini journal (representing my two passions, scrapping and journaling). So just leave your name, or blog addy or email if you don't currently have a blog and next Sunday - which will mark my one week blog anniversary - I will have one of my kids select one of you to receive the goodies!

We have a new addition to our family of 6, plus a long-haired chihuahua named Sunshine which our 18 year daughter found lost in the street 2 1/2 years ago - a 6 month old Boxer/mix puppy we got from our local SPCA. This is our 14 year old son's dog! He has wanted his own dog for a number of years now but we resisted due to already having a dog and before that owning a cat. Then my husband, in all his infinite wisdom "bets" our son that he can't keep his room SPOTLESS for a full month during the summer- if he does he can have a dog. HELLO! did ANYONE ask for MOM'S opinion on the subject since I'M the one who will be dealing with yet another animal while Kyle is in his freshman year of high school?!!! OF COURSE NOT!!! My husband kept saying, "You know he'll NEVER do it, he will not keep that room absolutely spotless for a full month." I don't know WHAT he was thinking, but obviously he had turned a deaf ear to our son's pleas of having his own dog for the past few years. A REAL "guys'" dog that would learn to play catch, go running with him, and stay in his room at night and was DEFINITELY larger than a breadbox.

I KNEW I was doomed and sure enough two weeks ago we went to the SPCA in search of the dog he had located on their website named Bruce. A 1 and a half year old chow/mix that had a cute look to him and was done growing and not too big to my way of thinking. We arrived at te SPCA half hour before closing time, walked into the kennel area to the deafening noise of over 30 dogs all looking to be chosen for adoption! We found Bruce and then STOPPED. There was a note attached to his documents that read, "Is NOT fond of kids!" UH OH! That wouldn't work with kids at home ranging in ages: 20, 18, 14 and 7 (our 7 year old daughter was the one I was most concerned about). The attendant said he "seems to have a screw loose, looks sweet but when we open the cage to potential adopters he tries to attack them!" So NO BRUCE and Kyle was let down and we had to start looking.

Found another - his name escapes me know - looked promising until the attendant said he had a rash on his bottom and his chest - NOPE won't work as we have a dog at home and I'm not taking any chances with something possibly contagious! Time was running out as they closed at 6 and Kyle was NOT leaving without a dog as he had waited an extra week to get one since his dad had tried to renege on the "deal". Looked at the 6 month old Boxer/mix several times, he had the sweetest face but was still growing and I had secretly hoped for a fully ground and hopefully at least partially trained dog. Kyle connected with him immediately and for $109.00 we took him home. Naming hime took the rest of the night, I liked Jackson, our oldest daughter Morgan said, "Sebastian" (YUCK!!!) then she and Kyle said Jabba because as it turned out he was a very lazy, laid back puppy and made them think of Jabba the Hut (I still think that was a weird connection and a BAD name). Fortunately my husband came home and he said, "ROCKY-he's a boxer/mix and Kyle and I like the Rocky movies". Kyle went for it immediately and so let me introduce to you our 6 month old, 28 pound boxer/mix ROCKY.

He is a very sweet dog, everyone has taken to him so quickly and Kyle has been doing a terrific job taking care of him! As far as the relationship between Sunshine and Rocky, well, she's 7 years old, used to be the only animal here with all the attention and its taking some time. We let them together under supersivion each day but he gets so excited and wants to play and that long tail of his it like a deadly whip to little Sunshine; she's still learning to avoid it. He difintely knows she's the boss since she bit him on the nose the first night he got to exuberant with her.
Going to enjoy my Sunday by scrapbooking all day long - at least that is my goal - but you know how things can easily change in a large household. Thank goodness the two oldest have their own cars and do not need me to take them here, there, everywhere!!!
Speaking of cars, take a look at Morgan's new (used) car she saved up for and now drives to her freshman classes at UC. Dear hubby found it online and naturally she was totally taken with it and made the deal that night!
Time for me to get some crafting done, not to mention go visit a few of MY FAVORITE BLOGS. Have a fun Sunday!


Hilda said...

So glad to see a pic of Rocky and the new car! I know that Kyle is happy with the dog and Morgan is happy with the car! You're doing great with your new blog!!

Robyn said...

YOu are great for my ego!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. Now, we get to meet and know you! We will definitely be watching your on Wednesday. Your new dog is a cutie. Twyla

Robyn said...

Thanks Twyla, so glad you stopped by!