Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3 and a New Mag

Ok, this is my 2nd attempt to post this - lost it somehow the first time - ugh!!
Today my 7 year old was out of school thanks to a Teachers' In Service Day, which was perfect since it coincided with the opening of the much anticipated
YES - the theater was packed and even though we got there half hour early we
still ended up sitting in the 2nd row from the screen! UGH!!! I never cared to be
that close as a kid and still don't care for it, but my daughter and her two friends
were in 7th heaven, so that's where we stayed!
So, for 2 hours I had an enjoyable time with my daughter - hey, I love musicals and Disney did a good job of upping the difficulty in the dance sequences for the big screen. The girls went on and on about the movie aftewards, an unanimously agreeing it was the BEST of all 3 High School Musicals!

I came away with fond memories of listening to and watching my daughter enjoying herself an my eyes feeling as though they had rolled back into my skull - thanks to our seat location.

So happy to find my pre-ordered copy of the premiere issue of the new magazine:

I have thoroughly enjoyed pouring over all these amazing creative spaces and wishing I had anything nearly as wonderful!

Look who I found among the pages and who will have her own column in each of the quarterly issues, the oh so talented Sandra Evertson.

I smile whenever I come across the photo of Sandra's supply loaded dishwashing machine! So creative! I also wonder, where was Sandra with this idea 11 years ago when I could have used it on the portable dishwasher my mother-in-law 'pawned off' on us - which ended up out on the curb for the garbage man.

Let me just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this antique multi-drawer storage unit owned by the Tinsel Trading Company in Manhattan!! How I'd love to have a potion of it, but guess I'll have to make do with the two small antique units I do have...

We've had this for about 15 years. My husband found it about 16 years ago,
a four piece section of a Dewey Decimal System drawer unit.

This piece below is much older than the card catalog drawers and was a gift to
my husband from our kids' god-father. The drawers are about a foot long.
I keep looking for more storage items; one of the sharpest I've ever seen was about 11 years ago a the Burlington, KY. Fairgrounds monthly antique show. It was a large round wooden shape that had small triangular drawers - over 100 of them!!! It was also on a turntable and the owner said it was a turn of the century dentist storage unit! It was beautiful and I wanted it but not at $2,500.00 !!!
I also found the newest issue of Somerset Studio in my mailbox, so much eye-candy to view! Talented artists on everypage!

Here's to tomorrow and PINK SATURDAY!


Hilda said...

Oh, girl, so sorry you lost your post the first time you typed it up!! I am thrilled that Kerri got to see HSM3 on the first day it was out! Wish the girls and I could've been there. Haven't told the girls that Kerri got to see it yet. They've been asking to go. Enjoy your 2 mags!

agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

i love seeing how others live, there must be a little bit of a voyeurist in all of us, not to mention the great ideas you can recreate. thanks for the great tip on the mag. another one i have not seen but heard of is 'sew hip' have a great weekend xx rosey

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

love those mags too. Sounds like you had a fun time w your daughter. I think she'll treasure it for years.

roseylittlethings said...

I had spent an hour working on a post and somehow deleted half of it, uGGG, that is so annoying! I think I need that magazine, it looks so fun!

Neabear said...

The mags sound interesting, both ones I had not seen before. Guess I am deprived. LOL. Enjoyed your pink post. Frustrating sometimes getting our posts to work. Glad you were able to get it to work though. Happy Pink Saturday!

cindy said...

Can't wait till both those issues hit the stands here! Thanks for the sneak peek.


Anonymous said...

YOU have been booo-ED. Are you scared? come by and see what its all about.

Have a nice evening.