Tuesday, April 26, 2011

another wet day, with a little sunshine thrown in

Yes, more rain, but not quite as much as the past week has delivered and I've seen a few peeks from the sun.  Hopefully Kyle will get to have his tennis match after school and Kerri will finally get to have her first baseball game of the season - 5 rain outs in a row!! sheesshh!!

I've been playing with ZENTANGLES lately, it can be very addicting.  I find myself doing it while running through sites online or while I'm not so engrossed in a tv show.  Have sent out a few envies that I completely zentangled and have added quite a few zentangle pages to various journals I've done.  Here's a look at a recent envelope I sent out:
If you've never heard of or seen Zentangles before, just Google it, there are some really incredible ones out there!!  Have a good Tuesday.

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