Friday, July 6, 2012


You woulnd't know it looking at this photo on the Ohio River that its 101 degrees and about 107 with the humidity factored in! 9th day in a row of temps well over 98 degrees, this is out of the norm for Cincinnati!!!
Makes it hard for my brain to be creative, especially when I'm longing to work on a scrapbook page and some art journal pages!

Since I've not created this week, I decided to pull out a mini accordian album I did a while back - actually never completed it, bad me! It is just a random compilation of photos of my 2 daughters together over the years.  The great thing - the color scheme is PINK and green, ha ha!!

I kept this album simple by using paper scraps and various flowers, jewels, etc. from my stash.  Put just a little on each page to make them unique.  The "she loves to..." card I had Morgan and Kerri each write on.  I should ask them what their preferences would be now!
This is the cover, as you can see I have yet to add a photo on there or possibly more embellishements or a poem about sisters, can't decide.  The clear plastic tags on the flower read:  you  me

The left side is a photo from Morgan's high school graduation - afterwards - the right side I've yet to put a photo there, oops, looks like a rhinestone has fallen off, probably due to this heat!!!  I made it so a page or whatever will slide under the paper strap.

Well, looks like these are the only photos I will be able to share of the accordian album since I've been trying for a couple of hours to load pictures from my new iPhone to the computer and for some reason the photos continue to come out turned sideways.  Even after I edit them they are sideways when I try to load them to my blog; all except for these that are shown here. UGH - no idea what the problem is, I've only had this phone for a week and still learning with it.

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Hilda said...

seeing your pink and green accordion album really inspires me to get in there and scrap scrap scrap!!

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday Robyn, Your little memory book is precious. Try to stay cool! Joyous Wishes, Linda

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Robyn,

thanks for coming by for a visit, and for your nice comments. Your albumn is so cute. I love scrapping too. Stay cool!!


All Ways Designing said...

Love your album! Happy Pinkness Day!!

I loved your visit & comment too! I know what you mean about Hot Hot Hot! We had a forecast high of 103° today - not sure what it got up to, but it was warmer in the house with the air on today than the other day when we hit 101°.

Jan ♥

Michele said...

i love your scrapping pages! sorry about the extreme heat; i hope you can stay cool and hydrated! happy pink saturday!

Susie Jefferson said...

Love it - fresh, pretty, so contemporary (and so nearly finished too!) I have still to start our wedding album (it's our 14th anniversary this year....)

Happy PS and thanks so much for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Robyn, thank you for your visit and your sweet comment. What a neat of a journal for sisters...I think it's delightful with the pink and green color theme. I love the flowers.

I have a sister, and though we live far geographically we are very close in heart. Sisters are wonderful. I hope you can finish the journal for your daughters.

Blessings for a Happy Pink Saturday,

2amscrapper said...

Happy HOT HOT HOT Pink Saturday. We have the same weather here in Illinois--minus the humidity--DRU DRU DRU. Cure mini! Love your ATCs too for the Stamp Show. Thanks for the blog visit.

Susan said...

Hope you're cooling off now, Robyn. What a great scrapbook and sweet idea for your girls.
Happy PS!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Pinks, Robyn! Your creations are very cute. I love the pink and green combo. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your weekend. Hope it cools down a bit for you.


Cottage and Broome said...

You will love your iPhone once you learn all the how tos! Hope it has cooled off…..Thanks for stopping by, Laura

Mumsy said...

Beautiful creations, and a fantastic pink post!