Friday, July 8, 2011


I am a follower/subscriber to Jackie's site/mag:  http://www.lettersandjournals/ and through her recent post I discovered this wonderful blog:
Looks like each saturday she has SHOW ME YOUR STATIONARY, where we link to her with our newest stationary and our journals.  This is right up my alley as I love letter writing/journaling!  While I usually like to deco plain journals, occassionally it is nice to find one already full of prompts and decorated.  So, here is my newest find from TJ Maxx (I have a niece who works there so she lets me know when something new comes in.)

 It was originally $12.99 but at TJ Maxx it was marked down to $2.00  I was pleased with that price!

 I really like the collage look to it...

 I love that each page has different fonts and looks to it...I still have not decided if I will leave it in tact as is or dismantle to use pages in my other journals or maybe just make copies so I do not have to dismantle it...

Here is the link to Molly and the Princess, hope you will take a look at her site and the others who are participating.
Molly and the Princess


Molly and the Princess said...

I love your Journal! Lucky you having a daughter who works in TJMAXX (it's TKMaxx here in the UK) but my daughter works in a shoe shop so I mustn't complain! Thank you so much for linking up. You are right I will be hosting a new link up every Saturday - please do pop in as and when you like!

Anonymous said...

That's really unusual, I've never seen anything like that in the UK before. Is it for scrap booking, I wonder? It really is good, I can see your dilemma as each page is so different, and so could have lots of uses.
Thanks for stopping by my blog too x

Molly and the Princess said...

sorry, I said daughter when I should have said niece, oops (it's been a long day) x