Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm BACK...FINALLY!!!! and my Vintage Pink Xmas Swap

I signed up to be in the Vintage Pink Christmas Swap and was fortunate to be paired with Belinda (Binda) from Australia - happy to say I have a new friend to keep in touch with!
Here are the wrapped goodies I sent to her, which she has received thankfully all in one piece!
This is the Christmas scrapbook I made for her - I posted a "teaser" of a few pages last month. In the following photos you will see the entire album I created.

My 7 year old daughter wanted this album - its mostly PINK - so you can
understand her desire to have it for herself!

I like the look of the little hanging tag, in hindsight,
I should have done more of those in the album!

Loved that the green photo circle was pre-cut and a sticker
- so much faster that way!

The cute stocking I HAD to have "hanging" and a brad
with a loop attached was the perfect answer,
along with a mini jump ring.

Another pre-cut sticker circle that I "raised" with foam tape

Yes, this album can stand up on a table and this is the back - so it kinda resembles a package from the front as well as the back.

Another view of the album and the store bought cinnamon candle that I added decor to - the metal tag in the center of the flower reads: BELIEVE

We had to include at least one vintage item,
Binda likes elves and I
was lucky to find these little guys at a near
by antique shop.

I picked up the hand-painted roses ornament at one of the school craft shows I attended and another vintage ornament - that I had a VERY HARD time parting with! Three-dimensional diorama ornament I found near the elves.

Here is a look at the swap in its entirity that I sent her - made the bird/tag/envlope, cute little santa statues, a cool looking pink glass ornament, a pagoda ornament (Binda likes Asian inspired things), another vintage item - Xmas garland in its original package, chocolate that she loves - 1 for each member of her family - a glass bird ornament and a package of cute wooden clip-on gloves and stockings ornaments.

The following is the cool swap I RECEIVED from Binda -
all the sweet pink and Santa tissue wrapped packages!

I got to try some Australian candy - told her I love mint - so she sent me yummy Allen's Minties. Cute pack of napkins with four blocks of babies in various "beds". A sleeve of pink crepe paper that I have already put to use on a project! I like to do alot of journal writing so she sent me the sweet little journal that she altered for Christmas! 2 Adorable gold glittered clip on bird ornaments that look great on my tree. Another bird - a cardinal - she made that has also found a home in my tree. A card of vintage pearl looking buttons and a vintage pink doilie; also a pink ballerina pencil for 7 year old Kerri.

Another photo of my goodies - also shown here: a honeycomb bell, package of butterfly tags, more pink doilies and a cool shoulder bag Binda made. She upcycled a really nice skirt into the bag, added vintage trim and a cute pink flower with multi colored fabrics for the handles. My 18 and 7 year old daughters have been arguing over who gets it! HELLO?!!! IT'S MINE, MINE, MINE!!!

Closer shot of the shoulder bag.

And finally the sweet Christmas card she made for me!

Had so much fun participating in this swap!
Thanks to Jen at RoseyLittleThings for hosting this.


Hilda said...

Thanks for sharing all of this! I was dying to know what you sent in the swap and what you got in the swap!I'll tell you this right now: I want YOU for a swap partner one day!! Hee!!

Neabear said...

That was a wonderful swap for you. What fun! So glad you are back. Thanks for the comment letting me know. Take Care!

cindy said...

Such cute goodies. Love the little album too! You got a really cool swap!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Girl, You made out like a bandit on your swap and the swap you sent to Australia was soooo nice. Is that your Christmas tree at the top of your blog? It's beautiful!!

blue_butterfly said...

I envy you having such a wonderful and big christmas tree at that. I wish i had one, but my house is kinda small that there aint no room for such frivolous xmas decor.
and those gifts you sent to a friend, which you personaly made are very pretty.

imjacobsmom said...

That was a cool swap! It's neat that you got paired with an Australian. Looks like you sent and received some pretty nice things. ~ Robyn

Claudie said...

Hi Robyn
I just checked my blogger page (the one I don't use) and you left a sweet comment in Nov. Thanks so much. Not sure why I have comments over there, but
hubby and I re-arranged my main page so it's easier to download. I use Apple.
Love your blog and I also just received my partners sweet swap package. I have a little sneak preview on my Pink Sat. post tomorrow. I opened some, but the other's are just to pretty to touch till Xmas morning.
Take care and see you Sat.
Claudie from Canada

Claudie said...

Ok now I know.
If I comment on Google/Blogger it takes you to my test page.
I know now not to use it. I must be brain dead right now. Maybe because it's 1:30 am and I should be in bed!!
My site is
I guess I can only comment when one has the http:// thing a ma gig.
Oh man

Little Pink Studio said...

Looks like a really fun swap!
Love the album!

Amy Bell said...

hi!!! you won the swap over at the blog!!! send me your address via email...i want to send them out to you!!